Thank you Kevin. Much better than peer review, as you have stated, reproducing your results at a number of different labs is the best validation. It's painfully obvious that the shots need to be stopped immediately. Are any "leaders" paying attention? Peace.

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Thank you for this report. Do they know what does the DNA code for?

Not expecting any response here, never got one from this substack author. Not sure if asking about the -Pro-Pro- sequencing section, which should be ONLY in the genetically modifying injections replacing the natural -Lys-Val- dipeptide (in the official NIH published data), is maybe inappropriate or who knows what the real reason for no answer is... This answer would tell us though, if there are any naturally covid infected individuals with a Spike different than the injected one...

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Kevin, is it possible to test someone for transfection with dsDNA contaminants (i.e. via sequenced biopsy or something along those lines)?

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Is there a connection between dna plasmids and plasmonics used for nanotechnology communications in the terahertz band? If so, will you please explain it, Kevin?


Are you prohibited from speaking about this as a result of NDAs signed while you worked on the Human Genome Project?

Will you please comment on the Internet of Nano Things which are embedded in both intelligent face masks and genetic injections (Lipid Nano Particles?)

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Maybe some analyst here appreciates this:


One timeseries per state for all BNT162b1/2 trial doses that were administered pre-rollout.

I can supply data with conserved information for product type, dosage and county of investigator as well if anyone is interested. In that case write me(at)pervaers.com

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Dr. König from the MMD Lab also proved it. I don't have details on the procedure, only the results: https://t.me/HolgerFischerRA/8672

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One thing to always consider. The data process being used to 'bulldoze' a desired by them but undesirable thing for most of us, is just that. The bulldozer method. jam it in hope it sticks and the worst possible thing happens. Yet, 8 billion people will demonstrate the falsehood of that approach. Human bodies are clever and most, despite evidence to the contrary, do not want to be eliminated. Push and they wobble but they do not fall down. stimulating conversation though. and lots of avenues for disaster !

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My first shot, on 2/3/21, was batch EL6232, FWIW. I can sort of put a face on EL6232, even though everyone’s mileage will vary.

For EL9262 as of this writing on July 16, 2023,

at matchyourbatch.org via the VAERSAWARE site:

“1,556,050 events reported through May 5, 2023

Of which: 35,324 died 2.3% | 37,538 life-threatening 2.4% | 65,896 permanently disabled 4.2% | 5,432 possible miscarriage or stillbirth 0.3%

NOTE: VAERS receives reports for only a small fraction of actual adverse events. (Source: CDC)”

Hence my thanks, and thanks to Dr. Buckhaults & students, Dr. Lee and especially to Kevin.

VAERS is not up to date, and seems to suffer from some UI/UX input issues and maybe data input/verification challenges. Maybe the contracted verifiers are working from home.

VAERS, such as it is, provides me a few clues about what to watch for. Kevin’s vaccine sequencing is another set of dots.

I thought there was something to the idea of ‘public trust.’ And I had other good reasons back then for not being on Twitter all the time. No crystal ball. A spouse in the midst of a cascade of serious health issues unrelated to vaccines.

So thanks again, Kevin.

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In one of the FDA meetings on vaccine approval Albert Bourla (Pfizer CEO) was asked by a member of the FDA committee if they ever checked what happened when the endogenous HERV-K reverse transcriptase was also being expressed (typically in frequently dividing tissue like cancer or embryos). He laughed at the question, which was weird because it clearly is going to occur at some rate. It may be negligible, but they needed to check this.

I'm not willing to go back through the hours and hours worth of meetings to find it, maybe the one before approval for children. Perhaps there are transcripts somewhere I haven't found. Anyway, if you can skip the reverse transcriptase step it will obviously be even more likely to happen.

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Sorry to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but can you shed some light on the findings of this article? In general I take articles from The Expose with a pinch of salt, but the official documents supposedly released by Pfizer ( in less than 75 years!) seem to imply that graphene oxide was used in the manufacturing process and therefore could feasibly be a contaminant in the vaccines in the way that the DNA is. I’ve seen other doctors/PhDs saying that the things visible are just cholesterol crystals.

Have you noticed, or looked for, anything else in your vaccine vials.

With regard to supposed nanotechnology in the vials, I’m not convinced yet as I have been told these could be salt crystal formations or maybe fragments from machinery used in manufacturing.

I did however stick a magnet to the arm of my mother after a Pfizer and that of a friend after a Moderna and don’t know how to explain that!

Thanks for any further light you can shed on these matters.

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Is it possible to move away from the use of bacterial fermentation-based production of the expression vectors to a cleaner process ?


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Addressing criticisms:

1) Expired Lots: Were the new new lot vials expired? What are possible issues with using expired vaccine? Plasmids should only degrade over time, not appear from nowhere, correct?

2) qPCR Kit Used/COI: Can you do your testing again with another manufacturer's qPCR kit to eliminate that potential conflict of interest?

The criticisms of your results appear to be weak, and it should be easy to eliminate them with a few additional steps.

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Anandamide, I also have a question!

Looking at the people around me who have been vaccinated, most of them look fine now!

Out of 1000 people inoculated with this experimental gene therapy drug, biologic, how many and what percentage of people are likely to die within 10 years from cancer, immunodeficiency, brain disease, etc.?


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Which article done by Dr. Phillip Buckhaults is about their test on the BNT162b2 vials? He doesn't have any paper that talks about such on his page in the link.

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boy oh boy! good to see someone strongly supporting the mrna vax do his own research. has he published his opinions on the contamination??

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I haven’t been following this work. Can you offer a summary of what the near or far term conclusions mean?

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