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First, Thank you Kevin for working with Dr Lee.

Second, To Thomas Lewis.

In 2011, an international group of concerned citizens formed an invisible collaboration with Dr Lee, in order to access Merck's Gardasil vaccines from all around the world, which was no easy feat because for whatever reason Merck chain of custody was tighter than a nuclear bomb bunker. But it had to be done, because the first samples came from only one factory, and Gardasil was made in several factories on different continents. Dr Lee needed samples from everywhere to be able to see whether it was a "one-factory" flaw or a world-wide pattern implicating the vaccine design.

The results were the same, world-wide implicating the vaccine design itself. Girls are still being damaged by Gardasil to this day, but it's "all between their ears" as well....

Because the Gardasil adjuvant was joined via the phosphate backbone, to the L1 Proteins in an unusual way, it took a long time for Dr Lee, to be able to get any results, because he had to experiment with different detection methods.

Dr Lee also obtained autopsy samples from two cases, which enabled him to perfect his methods, and go back to the vaccines and find two types he had not previously found.

These results were spread far and wide throughout the world. In the world of people keeping an eye on all the previous vaccine disasters, Dr Lee's work and his publications were well noted, fully discussed and sometimes printed in alternative media as well as discussed in videos.

Dr Lee went one step further and wrote a book about the whole tortured lies surrounding the HPV money making machine.

But who took any notice?

Gardasil was fully discussed and publicised by the Vaxxed bus



And the same doctor appeared on HIGHWIRE discussing Gardasil as well.

Dr Lee's observations about autopsy results here https://www.scirp.org/journal/paperinformation.aspx?paperid=25840 shows the importance of doing similar work with those who "died suddenly...

Parents all around the world know the damage that Gardasil had caused but they were all branded by the provaccine who said, "Well, nothing happened to me..." as stupid nutters.

People were not punked for believing the unbelievable.

People were punked, because for decades they did not pay attention to the real science being done in the real world, or believed all that science was conspiracy theories perpetrated by antivaxxers.

There is a very large control group existing now, who were not punked, because they paid attention.

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Thank you for this history.

Still catching up on that train wreck.

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Anandamide: I was just checking through my documents of the time, and found this one relating to Jasmine Renata's inquest, at which Dr Lee appeared via a video link along with his lawyer:

Part of the document reads like this:

"The mechanism for the extraordinarily high VLP-binding capacity of the amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate(AAHS) nanoparticles used as adjuvant in Gardasil® is not fully understood.

It has been suggested that the binding might be nonspecific due to the unique amorphous mesh ultrastructure of the AAHS precipitates and an electrostatic attraction between the AAHS nanoparticles and the VLPs (1). However, the isoelectric points of the HPV L1 capsid proteins are pH 7.95, 8.35 and 8.55 for HPV-16, HPV-18 and HPV-6, respectively [2], and are positively charged in the Gardasil® vaccine at pH 6.0-6.5 [3]. The point of zero charge (PZC) for AAHS is 7, compared to a PZC of aluminum phosphate at pH 5 and a PZC of aluminum hydroxide at pH 10 [1]. Yet, the HPV VLP-binding capacity for AAHS is twice as high as that for aluminum phosphate or for aluminum hydroxide [1], indicating that electrostatic attraction plays little role, if any, in the binding between the HPV VLPS and AAHS.

In a testimony before Coroner Ian Smith at an inquest hearing on August 9, 2012 in New Zealand, Dr. Sin Hang Lee from Milford Hospital, Connecticut pointed out that the HPV DNA bound to AAHS was not washed off by nonionic detergent solution at pH 8.1 at which both the DNA and AAHS are negatively charged and repulsive.

Therefore, the binding cannot be due to electrostatic attraction. The more plausible mechanism of binding between AAHS and the HPV L1 gene DNA is of a chemical nature when the cationic aluminum binds the phosphate backbone of a dsDNA molecule [4]. The pathophysiologic effects of DNA-AAHS complexes, a new chemical inadvertently created in the Gardasil® vaccine, are totally unknown after intramuscular injection.

At the inquest, Dr. Lee testified:

“The finding of these foreign DNA fragments in the post-mortem samples six months after vaccination indicates that some of the residual DNA fragments from the viral gene or plasmid injected with Gardasil® have been protected from degradation in the form of DNA-aluminum complexes in the macrophages; or via integration into the human genome.

Undegraded viral and plasmid DNA fragments are known to activate macrophages, causing them to release tumor necrosis factor, a myocardial depressant which can induce lethal shock in animals and humans.”


[1] Caulfield MJ, Shi L, Wang S, Wang B, Tobery TW, Mach H, Ahl PL, Cannon JL, Cook JC, Heinrichs JH, Sitrin RD. Effect of alternative aluminum adjuvants on the absorption and immunogenicity of HPV16 L1 VLPs in mice. Human Vaccines 2007; 3: 139-146.

[2] Mistry N, Wibom C, Evander M. Cutaneous and mucosal human papillomaviruses differ in net surface charge, potential impact on tropism. Virology Journal 2008; 5:118.

[3] US Patent #6,251,678

[4] Zhang RY, Liu Y, Pang DW, Cai RX, Qi YP. Spectroscopic and voltammetric study on the binding of aluminium(III) to DNA. Anal.Sci. 2002; 18:761-766.


Thought that might spark your interest...

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I'm sure Dr Lee can fill you in on the gory details.

The response from Merck was what you would expect. Crickets. And that will be Pfizer's response, because none of them care. So long as people don't pay attention, they will just continue to be punked.

Dr Lee's book is called "From Pap Smears to HPV Vaccines: Evolution of the Cervical Cancer Prevention Industry"

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Looked for his book - $278 at amaborg.

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Yes, they are pricing it out of range. Wonder why, huh?

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Curious, do you have a personal reason for researching Gardasil so thoroughly? Very impressive.

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Here is the pubmed article on the batch testing for Gardasil:


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Thank you for writing this up so well.

I was just trying to explain this to 2 people the other day (as well as that the "need" for such a vaccine, even IF papilloma viruses are responsible for cervical cancers (research is well, thin and suspect imo) is unnecessary as there are about 4000 deaths a year, and most are caught with regular pap screening, etc.

I am going to copy-paste your comment with attribution and share it.

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You can give attribution, but there is no need because all of this is well known in the awake vaccine community.

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Wow! Thank you for this very thorough summary.

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Yes, Murk, as we call them.

There is also another court case STILL going on, which was lodged in 2010:


Merck has done everything and more to not allow this to progress, after all the longer it is stalled the more MMR they get to sell. Here is the court listing:


To get more information, you have to move to pacer which requires a log in.

I know the case intimately having read the documents.

and then there is this little beauty:


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So, this last article still recommends MMR. Am I reading this correctly?

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Remember this?


and this:


So however you mess with the host antiviral defense you promote variants.

If ordinary antibodies promote variants, https://www.pnas.org/doi/full/10.1073/pnas.2103154118 then the monoclonal antibodies would as well.

And remdesivir https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-022-29104-y

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Just seeing your comments. What exactly is this article on Rendesivir saying???

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It's reinforcing what we already know, about the fact that all antivirals all create variant pressure. So do the touted monoclonal antibodies:


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It's a very sloppy study with an 8% death rate. there is no way I would take an antiviral for covid when the 2005 study basically showed that ivermectin stopped cov1 in it's tracks.


Regardless of what anyone says, it works on most RNA viruses. Because I have a primary immunodefiency, I have to use other adjunct compounds to get through.

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Thank you for your putting in the time and effort to not only do what is right but to advance this much needed discussion. Your efforts and that of your colleagues doing this work will be looked upon with great respect and admiration well into the future.

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The Vaccinated Have Been PUNKED

For Believing

The Unbelievable.


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Outstanding! Thank you Kevin. There's nowhere to hide if you are a "scientist" today and you lie for profit. Peace.

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thank you Dr Lee and Kevin

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“...could describe unexpected sequence in future genomes.” Does this mean due to integration into the genome of people who received contaminated “vaccines”?

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Are there any nerds out there who follow this account that can translate it into English for idiots like me? About 60% of the time I read this I have no idea what is being said. Maybe some of the 130 IQs can break this stuff down for us 99ers?

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McKernan - Ya got em by the short hairs Laddie. Now do this... https://youtu.be/bz9OcRHumAg?t=86

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Thank you!!!

Passing this on.

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