The Senate Committee hearing was excellent - one of the best, so far. Hope it had lots of views. Did my best to share via links and photos, and got some X jail time, I believe. No matter, we see that what began as a trickle of Real Science has now become a flood.

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Well worth watching the whole thing. You can see the replay here:


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Are you a fan of science history? Kevin sometimes refers to his work on the Human Genome Project.

Here's the story of that project: Cracking the Code of Life


If you stop the film at 36:57 & 37:12, you may see a familar face. But I'm not positive, so maybe Kevin will weigh in.

(Being in X jail does have some benefits!)

Furry hugs.

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It’s him 😢

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You sure? The film is a bit fuzzy, so it's hard to tell.

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Sure looks like it 🫣☠️

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ICS5 International Crisis Summit #5 on 2/26/2024


FLCCC Weekly Update on 2/28/2024


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DNA contamination? Yes, but how about telling the politicians the basics of biology first, for example about genetic material called mRNA and how it performs its GENETIC functions???

Also have to say this, How many more hearings Senator Johnson will perform, without doing ANYTHING about them???

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But yet, according to Catherine Watt's listing of relevant US code, it doesn't matter if the military countermeasures are adulterated...and so...Is this just another revolution on the now quite familiar, 'LOOK! LOOK!' merry-go-round? Ok, Kevin, it's adulterated, what happens now? More Johnson meetings, more substacks, more, 'But LOOK HERE'? These arent medicines nor r they pharmaceuticals...in a court room this is—AND HAS BEEN REPEATEDLY—a dead end...so Kevin where exactly is the glory?

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Kevin McKernan is doing heavy and expensive lifting, is what he is doing. He is doing so at a great personal and professional risk.

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ive been an admirer of Kevin for quit awhile, maybe over 2 yrs(?). but like a good number of Health Freedom warriors—and as any decent detective will tell you, 'keep them talking'—questions r popping up about Kevin:

#1. Look what happened to Snowden? Look what is happening to Assange? Kevin was the guy who supposedly (i cant verify his findings as I don't posses that skill set) pulled the evil cabal's pants down when he illegally sequenced the military countermeasure. Nothing has happened to Kevin. in fact, this global cabal allowed him to travel to New Zealand completely unmolested. htf is that possible?

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You seem to throwing innuendo spaghetti at the doubt wall to see what'll stick.

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It's just that not enough bodies have piled up yet for people to wake up, but they likely will, and then at that point people can go back and read what they deliberately ignored previously out of financial interests. Look how long it took for people to see Epstein was a criminal, despite being convicted. The evidence has to be relentless and damning and repeated continually until people, and the media, start to look like fools for denying it. This could take several more years.

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That's why need people like Kevin, Mccullough and other non-controlled opposition to mention that death jabs were a project of US Military which conspired w HHS to defraud US population by seeking to avoid any testing for actual safety or efficacy of experi-vax. As one commentator put it: "premeditation of actions occurred to trigger the 'partnership' between DOD and HHS, since only through premeditation would they conclude that such a partnership was necessary to over-ride limitations of powers of individual Depts/Agencies. Only through reaching that conclusion would they effect a never-before-entered-into partnership aimed at mass injection of the US people with ill-defined, untested concoctions."

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We have to keep flooding the truth to all we can. What I am concerned about is how they are rewriting history and do we have a data base, or a set of encyclopedias in the works for the people of the next paradigm?

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You get four plays, most punt after 3.

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Well done Kevin. Bang on.

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Thank you!

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Nice work Kevin and rational science team.

Speaking of Cats


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Thank you Kevin. Do you have a sense of what will result from this hearing?

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In my version of the Garden of Eden one should always be encouraged to eat from the tree of knowledge but should never meddle with the tree of life as that is above the pay grade of ANY human: past, present or future. Think of the sorcerers apprentice and all the unanticipated problems his meddling created. Those of us that understand the complexity of the global ecosystem tend to abide by the precautionary principle. The globalists have the audacity to think they can meddle with the Tree of Life with no consequence. They they seem to abide by the "Let's just do shit and see what happens" principle. I can't seem to find an antonym for the Precautionary Principle.

Our globalist corporations have obviously ignored this warning as GMO farming began/expanded in the early 1990's. Using CRISPR and other cutting edge technologies they have meddled with the tree of life: terminator seeds, plants that produce insecticides (which we eat), spraying plants with Glyphosate etc. Already it is clear these technologies are causing harm to human health. Then we have fluoride in the water supply, endocrine disruptors, PFAS chemicals etc., in or food and water. None of this makes sense and represents a willful refusal to consider what our collective knowledge (e.g., the tree of knowledge) should be telling us about the harm these substances unleash on the human population. But is goes on unabated because global corporations can profit in the short run.

Then came the Plandemic and the mRNA vaccines the did not prevent infection/transmission but did cause considerable harm and death. Worse yet there is growing evidence that these mRNA injections may actually be modifying our DNA and the consequences are just beginning to be understood. Of course this has all been ignored by globalist corporate media. And over the past year I have read numerous papers about self assembly nanobots within the vaccines and much more. I've yet to write about this subject as, at first, I was a skeptic. But perhaps it is time to cover the subject because there is plenty of evidence/papers etc. which suggest the globalists want to use mRNA concoctions in conjunction with 5G EMF radiation to control our moods and literally allow the government to get inside our heads. And thanks to the author for detailing the programs that are already underway.

It is now obvious that the WEF, UN, WHO etc. want full control of humanity. They aren't even shy about their plans: a Great Reset where you will own nothing (and really won't be happy at all). And it is all spelled out in Agenda21, Agenda2030, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). They have very complex plans to exert control of every human on planet Earth. Their goal is a fully controlled global population -- which will relegate every human to the status of a slave on a globalist plantation.

WE THE PEOPLE, of planet Earth, need to immediately unite behind our own complex agenda in order to stop this globalist coup. To that end I've put together what I call the "Put People First" agenda, which has developed over the past 5 years. I'm encouraging everyone to endorse this agenda and cite your support at City Council, School Board meetings as well as during protests. As Benjamin Franklin once said at the signing of the Declaration of Independence: "We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately." Here is the PPF agenda as it currently exists:

* No Lockdowns EVER again

* No forced masking ANYWHERE

* No forced vaccinations under ANY circumstance whether that be from injection, food or chemtrails

* Absolutely no vaccine passports or digital currency

* Reinstate all of those that lost jobs for refusing to get the mRNA injection, including all of our Healthcare workers

* Universal non-coercive choice: Wearing a mask or getting a mRNA injection will be up to each individual and there will be ABSOLUTELY no penalty for not complying in or out of the workplace.

* No more censorship of ANYONE whether that be on social media, corporate media or at the workplace. No one should ever be censored or punished for exercising their First Amendment Right to Free Speech.

* Impeach Biden/Harris and reinstate Trump as our president.

* Stop the LGBTQ and CRT indoctrination in our schools and corporations

* Stop the Climate Agenda and make Energy Independence Priority Number One.

* Send every Illegal Alien, that Biden has brought in through Open Borders, back home.

* Stop the illegal mass imigration invasion worldwide

* Legalize the personal cultivation of Cannabis, Psilocybin.

* Legalize the right to take Ivermectin, Hydrochloriquine and other anti-viral herbs and drugs

* Legalize the right to choose when it comes to vaccines, abortion, drugs etc.

* Eliminate Genetically modified vaccines, plants, animals (fish, cattle etc.) and the use of Glyphosate.

* Eliminate the use of Geoengineering: Chemtrails, HAARP etc.* Eliminate the fluoridation of our water supply.

* Stop allowing Blackrock, and other financial institutions from buying up residential properties which will make it impossible for future families to own a home and build up equity.

* Demand your government defund and exit the UN, WHO and WEF



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Fantastic piece of work explaining everything concisely and factual replication is fundamental in science 🧬 which seems to be sadly lacking nowadays best wishes from a different scientific field 🤗👊👊

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Good Day Kevin,

This perhaps is off topic. I hope you find it worth while and will perhaps forward to people who can reply in detail to concerns raised below. Thank you

A point that needs investigation. Carbon needs to be understood in terms of the biosphere and the relationship between plant and animal. In that relationship we see that there is not near enough carbon in the atmosphere.

We are directed to focus on Carbon because in truth it is a non issue. While the burning of coal, oil, and other fossil fuels releases carbon, Heavy metals release via the exhaust of fossil fuels or the mountains of Coal Ash along with Chemicals that are derived form fossil fuels are the real pollution.

If carbon and all the other toxins released by fossil fuel and its derivative chemicals (manufactured by Dow, Union Carbide, Monsanto...) were analyzed on a Parts Per Billion gradient it would quickly become obvious Carbon is an innocent consequence of burning fossil fuels. The other toxins are not. They need to be scrubbed from any exhaust or stock piling of as resulting from burning fossil fuel.

Carbons sequestration is nonsense. True Carbon has been taken out of the biosphere over millions of years by Gaia/Earth’s biosphere (read James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis, Gaia Hypothesis). Carbon is readily captured by plants and trees. So if we stop paving over the Earth and small organic farms be allowed to thrive by rolling back the subsides for Corporate agriculture and the myth that it is more efficient than small farms, carbon would quickly be capture by organic ag and plant life in general.

The destruction of small farmers has been buried. Check out Wendall Berry’s work in this area about 40 or 50 years ago when this current madness was put on rails.

I am not sure you are the one who can do this heavy lifting. I cannot or I would. Someone needs to set the record straight. Fossil fuel exhaust and Coal ash have the analysis of elements already done. Not pretty. It maybe that analysis has been scrubbed from public records or hidden because of PPP (public private partnerships).

Whatever you can do to shine the light will be much appreciated.

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Watched your testimony, it was factual, direct, well organized and persuasive. Delivery was perfect.

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From 🐈 🐈‍⬛ pics to Congress…what a long strange trip…

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Have any of our sleaze ball senators acknowledged that both Covid--and the jabs-- were financed, manufactured & distributed by US Dept of Defense in collaboration w HHS? Given Kevin's and others findings, more and more clear that faux vax was the real bioweapon.

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Evidently 11,000 government employees had exemptions

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