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I wonder about the natural soil just outside your house. It probably has fungus also. Seems natural soils will have all kinds of fungus.

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Healthy soil has balance , just like a healthy gut biome.

Good bugs keep bad bugs in check.

It works well until humans decide they know better , and set about poisoning , fumigating , and

" sterilizing" it.

My entire yard is grass free , lush , and productive without any of that.

I work WITH nature , and create healthy soil from tree trimmings , leaves , organic compost .

I recently purchased commercial organic soil , it would be interesting to compare where I used it to the rest.

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Does this affect edibles?

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It's pretty good at taking radioactive materials out of the soil too... (Not for use in hempcrete).

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This is so awesome! Amazing research! 👏🏻

Here in Melbourne we have a huge septoria problem that seems to cross contaminate many species of plants. High doses of copper seem to keep the fungus at bay but it’s still very resistant. As far as I aware (out of the particular types of plants it does infect) there aren’t any genomes that completely escape the disease 🤷🏼‍♂️

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