What a great article exposing one of the many hypocrisies of the NIH.

Well done for taking the time and effort of writing this, Jessica too for the intro.

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"This is why im on the same page with Charles Rixey, MA, MBA (c) regarding the DEFUSE proposal. You dont submit such grant applications with no preliminary data and expect it to get funded. The application require 100s of pages of work and no one wastes their time on that process unless they have nearly 90% of it already worked out and thus present a very low risk option for the NIH to parade in front of."

I never heard anyone make that point, but now you explain it, it seems obvious. Very important.

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Hot stuff for those, who are interested in the corona democide business, and who have long history of sequencing and PCR research. Prerequisite to understand the important but difficult work of Kevin McKernan and other good guys in this business field, thus comming up to be a prerequisite to survive the next 6 years the agenda 2030 democidal actions against humanity. If you do not know waht geneticist can do, you might be soon killed by stupid geneticists working for even more stupid business people, and their investors.

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Has anyone been cured of anything yet from all this research?

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This stuff is way beyond me (non science background) , but I save / archive the articles in case I can share with others. Thanks for your work.

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Genetic research is important knowledge to gather though is it the end or foundation of all health issues? Unlikely, in fact I suggest it is arguably the least important. While the soil is foundational to agriculture there is far more to growing or raising produce from a farm.

And should knowledge of the genetic aspect of existence one that should be so heavily influenced by profit and loss in a monetary system itself driven by private interest over and above public or community.

Whether known, unknown or unelected select small 'agency' groups deciding funding are public or private is immaterial to the process. In either case the decisions as to what is done and for what purpose both short term or long term, all decisions no matter how well intentioned are not in the public domain and remove people generally from agency over their own lives.

None of it is the way to have health support for people.

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Why is so much time, effort & money going to utilize DNA? Couldn’t all this brain power be used to help feed the world? End wars?

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End wars? Never going to happen.

Humans want more - always. They want to live large. They are competitive.

If you do not fight for the limited resources you will get trampled on and you will end up living like a Somalian... China and Russia would be more than happy to take from you ... you betcha they would

Nobody wants that - we want cars ... and vacations... and nice houses... and AC... and heating ... and lots and lots of stuff.

You don't get all that unless your country has a powerful military or is the vassal of a powerful country.

Singing koombaya and banging a drum ... won't get you a large lifestyle.

I used to have a manager who bleated on and on about this sort of thing... with a side dish of 'green' .... In jest I said ... let me help you contribute to saving the planet.... how about instead of a salary increase I reduce your salary by 25%.... that would mean you buy 25% less stuff... which would be wonderful for the planet...

I leave it to ya'll to guess what his reaction to this suggestion was.

So true (but nobody likes unpalatable truths so ya'll will look away) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FnO3igOkOk

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A lot of people want a lot of stuff because they have been told to do so. That does result in the problems you describe but it is not as innate in us as humans as I think you believe.

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Nah... this has been going on since the beginning of time

2001: A Space Odyssey - The Dawn of Man


We are no different than yeast cells being tossed into a cup of sugar...

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Thank you Jessica.

Brilliant really.

A complicated subject explained

in a way even I can understand.

Not an easy thing to do.

Something I frequently struggle with.

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It’s funny I followed illumina stock 3 years ago it fell apart mid 2021 from 517 down to where it is now 124 a share I guess it got hyped up from the news of sequencing COVID-19 virus to see where the lab leak came from but now the stock looks horrible……

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Outstanding thinking. Outlines risk, the precariousness of making a living in these areas, the "horse blinders" that can, and do, result.

The market should support the risk takers (and necessarily those who fail in a particular project). That is, the market should support the essential wanderings of science and the scientific method.

It should support moral researchers, in short. Apparently that takes a lot of money. "That" being true science.

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In your email, you mention the need to sequence COVID-19 vaccines for Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) contamination and Simian Virus 40 (SV40), as their presence in vaccines could cause cancer. DNA fragments are found in all vaccines as vaccine production requires the use of cells, which contain DNA. DNA fragments are not limited to vaccines, and even the life-saving hormone, insulin, contains small amounts of DNA from the bacteria used to make it. While purification and quality control steps are taken during the manufacturing process to ensure the purest form of vaccine is developed, and that the vaccine works as intended and consistently, trace amounts of residual DNA still remain. However, extremely large amounts of residual DNA (on the order of millions or trillions of the amount of DNA contained in vaccines) is required before a cancer risk is observed. Furthermore, upper limits of DNA fragments are set by vaccine regulators such as the Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada during their approval of the vaccines to ensure DNA levels in the vaccine are consistently below the approved safe level. While SV40 has been known to cause certain types of cancers in rodents, it has not been proven that SV40 could cause cancer in humans. Epidemiological studies of people who received the SV40-contaminated vaccines between 1950 and 1960 have not found a higher risk of cancer in these individuals compared to individuals who did not receive SV40-contaminated vaccines.

Thank you again for sharing your concerns. I hope the information that I have provided you addresses your questions/concerns.


Christie Lutsiak, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Research and Innovation Branch

I sent an email to the Alberta Health Minister regarding the DNA and SV40 contamination.

This is the reply I received.

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They completely ignored that this platform has the DNA encapsulated in a lipid nanoparticle that deposits its DNA payload directly into the cell cytoplasm, bypassing the protective cellular membrane barrier. Semipermeable membranes of cells do not have pores anywhere near large enough to let in DNA fragments of virtually any size to my knowledge, they are limited to polar molecules roughly the size of H2O, thanks to the structure of the phospholipid bilayer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lipid_bilayer. This naturally protects the products they listed from such risks, as the physical cell barrier stopping the DNA interacting with the genome is present. This is directly bypassed with the use of LNPs. The SV40 promoter is well documented as having a 72 bp repeat that serves as a nuclear localization signal for DNA deposited into cell cytoplasm https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/17439744/

and cells undergoing cell division have a period where they do not have an internal nuclear membrane present to stop DNA contamination from interacting with the genome in the nucleus, after it is deposited by the LNPs https://www.nature.com/articles/s42003-022-03021-8

Those regulatory risks are for DNA fragments that are extracellular, which do indeed, have a rather short half life, and they are not appropriate for or applicable to these products (LNP encapsulated mRNA, that also has the DNA encapsulated https://anandamide.substack.com/p/lnp-packaging-of-dsdna

This is why you don't let ignorant yes men run anything. The person that sent you this response is either a criminal displaying Nelsonian knowledge (knowing exactly where not look and exactly what not to say) or a complete idiot that copy pasted a predetermined response without even caring or knowing that it is disingenuously ignoring the real issue, that the DNA that was found is dumped right into cell cytoplasm as per the new mRNA platform design


"Later in life, while advising a company encountering problems with fraud-embezzlement, the company’s CFO was implicated in the embezzlement, not because she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar per se – but rather, because of her conspicuous absence at every critical meeting and detachment from every decision point in which the fraud mechanisms were approved/executed. In other words, although she did not personally reap any proceeds from the fraud, her knowledge of the fraud was betrayed by those meetings and decisions points she avoided, and not prima facia by those inside of which she was present. Her's was a crime of virtual knowledge; investigators amazed at her skill in avoiding such a pervasive deceptive element under her professional purview. This ‘amazing skill’ involved a knowledge called Nelsonian knowledge. One betrays their possession of Nelsonian knowledge, through their robust efforts undertaken to avoid it. And just like my father, who managed to search every single darn spot in the backyard in which an Easter Egg was not located, her exacting efforts to avoid all facets of the fraud, demonstrated her intimate knowledge of the fraud itself."

They'd go straight to investigation if I had any say, for sending that response in their position. They need to be fired for being so obviously ignorant, or imprisoned if it is intentional obfuscation that originates from them. We're beyond the point where these people can consistently claim ignorance IMO

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What an exhaustive complexity and in the end it works! ... huh. I am not a religious person but knowing humankind's weaknesses, better to keep out of creators playground. But no way to catch cats back to the box.

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