Coincidentally N3 primer on the CDC test back in January 2020 was binding to human DNA.

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Thanks for posting this Kevin.

I recently came across this presentation by Matt Parker from the Sheffield Biomedical Research Centre in the UK titled "Altered Subgenomic RNA Abundance in SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.7 Infections"


I found it pretty interesting but would welcome your thoughts if you have time.

Best wishes


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Wow, it's that long: "Once you are positive, there is no point testing again with N gene based qPCR for 90 days later or your positivity will simply be assumed to be a result of the residual sgRNA you have floating around from the prior infection".

This is darkly funny: "Other studies have shown the average age of death “from COVID” to be the same as the average age of death (80)."

Well isn't this special: "Studies have found over 94% of C19 deaths have 2-3 other comorbidities".

So people complaining that they were still testing Positive after weeks: "Even if you are 100% accurate with nailing SARs-CoV-2, until you start differentiating the infective virus from the corpses, you have enough false positives to create a casedemic. If you are infectious for 9 days and can be PCR positive for 90 days, 90% of the 100% accurate tests will still be quarantining people with C19 in the rear view mirror."

Mission accomplished: "What happens when you quarantine 9 immune people for every infectious person qPCR picks up? You guarantee herd immunity is never reached!"

Ollie says: "You can have him when I'm done with him".

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That’s a bit of a funny paradox-invocation at the end. Throwing the immune at the infected cannot advance reaching of “herd immunity,” since the same does not directly reduce how many susceptibles are thrown at the infected. Immune people can be quarantined, beamed to Mars, etc., it doesn’t matter unless it causes them to displace or fail to displace a susceptible somehow.

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