DNAse1 comes with little surprises attached

Endotoxin ≤ 0.1 EU/μg of protein by gel clotting method.

PhenylMethylSulfonyl Fluoride 0.1 mM

How much Lipid A, I wonder?

They Hug each other.


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Oct 20, 2023·edited Oct 20, 2023

I'll probably have more than one comment but, right off the top...what is Steve Kirsch referring to when he said he would have to sacrifice his deltoid muscle if he were to volunteer to for DNA-integration testing? Is that true?


THIS is what Steve wrote:

"I volunteered for a full gene sequencing study, but they said they’d have to cut off my deltoid muscle, so I changed my mind."

Please do not assume I need a be educated on what a biopsy is. FFS my husband has cancer, right now. ^What Steve wrote sounds nuts, tbf.

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As soon as the sheeple around us begin to “intentionally” educate themselves with the same effort they keep themselves ignorant—blindly-accepting vaccines & war—the sooner the entire world can pull it’s head out of it’s ass and save itself.

Again, this all began prior to 1960, but it was in that decade Coronavirus and the mRNA (spike-protein, gene-altering, militarized nanotechnology) Vaxx Protocols were developed—side-by-side—to “terrify” Animal Farms (sheeple) to accept a worldwide, multi-faceted Lab-Rat experiment.

None of this is about saving humanity, but to use people to death to better the health of billionaires & trillionaires with bomb shelters. If you’ve taken the time to read my post to this point, then I fu🤬ng BEG you to click on this link to a video David Nixon just posted, then forward to every blind-bot you know: https://substack.com/@jeffreyplubina/note/c-42176817?utm_source=notes-share-action&r=1qpmjb

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I doubt that 99% of the population could read the 1997 abstract meaningfully, and the article gets better from there.

I saw a comment on a finance article (Lyn Alden Schwartzer on Seeking Alpha from June 19, 2023) wherein the commenter noted that the discussion was at a Master's level with everything laid out plainly, rather than a PhD level where every reader understood the underlying assumptions and the encoding shorthand (jargon.) I use a concept of "information density'" (or lack thereof) when subjected to social workers or administrators presenting to medical audiences.

After three years of reading Covid articles and a casual course in Genomics a decade ago I can mostly follow these arguments. For anyone we need to convince of the criminal intent behind the entire Covid episode this article is too difficult. Most of our lawmakers and all of our judges are lawyers- many not stupid, but I would have trouble presenting this to most medical specialists let alone lawyers. The medical people might even be harder as they know a lot and are special and have a fixed point of view about the safety and desirability of vaccines.

Thank you for your work and expertise, it is very useful for the 0.1%!

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This is all fine and dandy information, and highly technical. How will it be applied to the crisis at hand? Mental and intellectual masterbation is a wasted energy without action on the results.

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Can you look specifically for a protein PTPN22 or a promoter? Curious if somewhere hidden in this maze there is a sequence for this. I may not be asking this question correctly?

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Roadmap to death and destruction.

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Where is the link to the muscle biopsy volunteers study?

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