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Kevin, your SS's tell the story and record the history of this Crime Against Humanity.

Thank you for bringing together the recent news and putting it here. Very helpful source for friends who are still getting up "Fool's Hill".

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AJOG 1/31/2024


Transplacental transmission of the COVID-19 vaccine messenger RNA: evidence from placental, maternal, and cord blood analyses postvaccination

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Excellent complement to KM's work, this Health Alliance Australia interview with Dr. Kevin W. McCairn, 2/18/24, is a must watch, imho. "He reveals that mRNA technology used in the COVID jabs causes frame shifting that leads to prions being produced"


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This is a historic moment/post/informal substack paper in the scientific counter-mrna movement, and Kev's cat is never far ;) And I happen to find everything in the last sentence deeply sympathetic. Thanks Dr McKernan!

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Great article as usual. After all these integration risks there is a bonus.

Because of frame shifting who knows what proteins and antigens are actually being created!

Clearly, Big Pharma has no idea or does not want to tell us.

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Unless integrase is coded for there’s no way for a piece of DNA to be integrated into normal host DNA. The cells used in this are abnormal eternal cancer cells, similar to the HUH7 cells used that “proved” mRNA could be incorporated into host DNA.

If you’ve ever had infection from any of the 9 herpes viruses then you’ve got foreign DNA in the nuclei of different cells, including your immune cells or your nerve cells. If you’ve ever had sixth disease as a child then there’s a 1% chance of it being attached to the telomeres of your DNA and hence passing it down the generations.

There’s a significant portion of human DNA that is viral in origin, part of which codes for the placenta, without which humans and other mammals would still be laying eggs.

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Wow. I am so relieved now you have assured us that "Unless integrase is coded for there's no way for a piece of DNS to be integrated into normal host DNA"!

BTW, who the fuck are you and what are your credentials?

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I’ll bounce the question back to you

Please enlighten me as to how viral or bacterial DNA becomes integrated into host DNA in normal cells, the emphasis on normal i.e. not eternal cancerous cells?

How does RNA become integrated into host DNA in normal cells?

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This has been covered many times and even in my Senate testimony.

Lim et al.


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Fifty years ago "experts", perhaps like you, would have denied that viruses could integrate into the DNA of cells (of any type) and then they found Phage Alpha. Yes, I know that phages only infect prokaryotes. After that they found retroviruses and LINE1 elements in our DNA. So, that deals with the integration of RNA into normal cells. It happens, and you said so yourself above.

So now we are only arguing about whether or not Integrase is the only mechanism by which random DNA introduced via LNP transfection and jacked into the nucleus via an NTS can integrate.

In my opinion, we know only a tiny amount about these processes and anyone who says "there is no other mechanism by which these random pieces of DNA can be integrated during meiosis" is seriously ignorant.

We already know about template switching during transcription. How certain are we that during meiosis little pieces of DNA cannot be incorporated. We know there are molecular mechanisms to cause DSBs and to repair copy mistakes ... and from an evolutionary point of view the frequency of the introduction of foreign DNA into nucleus has been quite low compared to these modRNA vaccines. They introduce orders of magnitude more DNA than even DNA viruses can, so I suspect there has been little selection pressure to guard against foreign DNA fragments ...

Perhaps, as an "expert" you can provide arguments against that view.

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I never said I was an expert.

Also I did suggest that HHV6 can become attached to host chromosomes.

Apparently other HHV can also do the same


Also this is discussing fragments of DNA rather than complete bacteria or viral genome. Similar fragments will be present in the insulin used by people with diabetes, should they stop?

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Does insulin have LNPs and Nuclear tatgeting sequences.


You are literally regurgitating arguments that we debunked 6 months ago.

If you continue to spam these comments with topics we’ve already destroyed, you’ll be blocked.

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I can tell this that this poison killed my 2 sisters and our son and a friend in USA

It appears you are not interested in saving people but the reverse

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I write poetry. Here is my contribution.

“Earth Songs”

We are all going the same place

Just at different times. 

The trees are announcing 

The coming of fall today

With a sprinkle of leaves

That no one seems to notice. 

A whisper from them

Hidden in the music of the wind

Their way of telling us 

Change is about to begin.

We are all searching

For love and loyalty.

It’s all amusing

And slightly confusing

That some people

Are crippled before their time 

By self-inflicted maladies

And unrestricted tragedies.

We all want to talk about things 

With people who are gone 

Like with old Uncle Charlie 

Or nice Grandma May. 

We try to imagine 

What they would say.

Here we are a million miles from everything

In a time of insanity and depravity

Listening to the trees 

Sing us their wind songs 

Listening to the birds 

Sing us their nest songs 

Listening to the wind

Sing us their earth songs.

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Wow, great Substack. And yes many of us share your bewilderment of why the regulators are not doing their job. It seems there are different types of people in this world, those that need to need to be confident that proper measures are taken to ensure safety and a whole bunch of people that don't really give a shit. Insane, crazy, it is a mystery.

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Sasha Latypova explains how the biological warfare countermeasures, aka the clot shots legally don’t have to pass any tests or thresholds ; someone in DOD HHS, just has to deem them likely to be effective (and maybe safe, but I don’t think necessarily), because they are not vaccines, not traditional biological, not pharmaceuticals. Anything that the FDA does with these is fig leaf theater for us plebes, peons.

The people doing this are sworn to secrecy & either really really need their jobs and don’t have any alternatives, or they have sold their souls to the government/devil/Bjg Pharma.

It is insane, crazy, but beyond that, it is Evil.

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I vote for the "sold their souls" bracket.

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I can’t disagree, but there may be some who have large mortgages or other debts , have huge alimony or child support obligations, w he o don’t see a way out; these people will have to deal with the moral injury that comes with their complicity, & I don’t need to beat them up further.

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That’s a fine analysis👍and I totally agree. They have their own demons to deal with and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone!

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and these monsters had the nerve to say it didn't reverse transcribe

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Thanks for everything that you are unravelling I hope your are getting some cat nap time 💤 👍🙏

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Good article. But can't they just test humans who received the vaccines instead of these cell lines? I understand that if it happens in the cell lines then it potentially happens in humans, but I'd like to know for sure, and also at what percentage it happens.

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Very expensive to do with humans, human subjects protocols, IRBs, therefore big bucks, draws the attention of bought off mole in the institutions, Big Pharma comes in and pays someone to shut it down, or 6 ways to Sunday , including having unhealthy things happen to you or your family,

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Incredible discussion. Thank you all. Very clarifying regarding Plasmid role. And CDC now pushing I believe the 10th booster?

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Great video! SNPs in the plasmid DNA? This is crazy. Just more evidence of the integration. Can't wait for the experiment to get repeated in other cell lines.

The control did not have the SNP's. How is it that e coli can reproduce plasmid DNA without SNP's?

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Justice may be coming to the UK at last, or we will find out our justice system is totally corrupt as well, one of the two!

More here; https://truthaddict.substack.com/p/covid-criminals-soil-underpants

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.........those that push the jab and are not involved in the cue to depopulate the world are morons at heart. They have a dream and dame the data that says these magic vaccines do not work but cause death. nurses and doctors are in this category. They do not want to look as they know if they look they will find the truth. So they simply ignore the data and keep collecting their paycheck to pay the morgue and live in the life they are use too. Its that simple. Those that are making millions from this death jab know what they are doing, They are part of the death squad and know they are locked in and have to pretend to believe. I do hope all that were involved get death sentences and the morons get prison sentences one day.

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Come on over and dig threw Operation save humanity substack there's all the patents for all these plasmid DNAs and all the vaccines Here's a link to get you started https://open.substack.com/pub/operationsavehumanity/p/how-does-graphene-in-the-vaccines?r=24qa7g&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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Has anyone confirmed genetic alterations in humans due to the injected DNA fragments in the C19 vaccines? If so, where? The argument I read, is that "just because it happens in a culture, doesn't mean it happens in humans". I believe its only a matter of time before a brilliant researcher contradicts that weak point.

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Well that is chilling, thank you.

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I see there was a good news story today.

"German man who got COVID vaccines 217 times had 'no noticeable side effects'"


And the obligatory study done 'at the hyper-speed of science'.

"Adaptive immune responses are larger and functionally preserved in a hypervaccinated individual"


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Igor Chudov on X pointed out another similar individual who offered to receive vax for others who unfortunately died suddenly.

In your link the patient is unidentified, called "HIM" so it may be difficult to actually followup this study of n=1.

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we have to kill them with humor,, laugh them out of the park


lawrence’s Newsletter

7 mins ago

Dr Marble said 2 important things

we need to laugh in the face oh ANYONE who promotes poison. ask them if they know the devil already possesses them!

we need to found warriors to kill and assassinate 500 leaders that did this

we have to make cartoons to shame and guilt

we could accomplish a lot if we used military drones, they need to understand FEAR and be targets to win. start Assassinations NOW, watch them run

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